PubAffairs Bruxelles is a cross-sectorial network of professionals working in the fields of public and regulatory affairs correlated to the European Union.

PubAffairs Bruxelles aims at creating an open platform to foster debate, information exchange and the development of ideas among its members, establishing a diverse community which encompasses young, as well as experienced professionals.

PubAffairs Bruxelles welcomes participants from public and regulatory bodies such as associations, federations, NGOs, as well as regional, national and European Institutions. We also welcome participants from the private sector, including consultancies, corporations and business.

In addition, as one of PubAffairs Bruxelles fundamental principles is to represent as far as possible the range of individuals concerned with the European Union policy making, we believe that the participation of academics, think-tanks, researchers, media and active citizens enriches the debate further.

PubAffairs Bruxelles participants do not represent in any shape or form the views of their employers and all our meetings are governed by the Chatham House Rule.

PubAffairs Bruxelles is a follow-on of  PubAffairs Paris. Built upon the success of PubAffairs Paris, it was launched to respond to a request from those based in Brussels.

For further information on incoming events, PubAffairs activities and network development, please click here to contact us.