Eu history in pictures

1st January 1958 : Entry into force of the treaties of Rome. The EEC and EURATOM Communities are established in Brussels. The Parliamentary Assembly and the Court of Justice are institutions common to the three Communities.

30 January 1962 : birth of the common agricultural policy (CAP). It is about ensuring the self-sufficiency of food by encouraging production through a system of guaranteed prices for certain produce.

7 February 1992 : 12 member states sign the Maastricht treaty which provides for the eventual creation of a single currency, enhances the powers of the European Parliament, establishes a European citizenship and creates new areas for cooperation: Common Foreign and Security Policy (CFSP), justice and domestic affairs.
(In the picture : Hans-Dietrich Genscher (to the left) et Theo Waigel signant le traité de Maastrich)

1st February 2003 : entry into force of the Nice treaty.

1st May 1999 : entry into force of the Amsterdam treaty.

1st November 1993 : entry into force of the Maastricht treaty.

1st December 2009 : entry into force of the Lisbon treaty.