About us

PubAffairs Bruxelles is a non-profit, non-partisan, personal membership-based organisation created to foster understanding, transparency and participation in the work of the European Union. PubAffairs Bruxelles is an open platform to foster debate, information exchange and the development of ideas among its members and followers, establishing a diverse community. Please visit our mission page to learn more.

Our Team provides our audience with daily updates on the most relevant EU institutional and EU-related media news, which you can access for free through our website and social media channels. In addition, you can also access our EU in the media, Opinion and Analysis and Podcast sections to go deeper on the latest matters discussed in Europe and globally.

Our Policy Programmes bring together every dimension of the European Union policy making process.

Our Event Series on EU-related cutting-edge issues offer our members and audience in-depth analyses and opinions on the questions discussed at the European and global level, as well as the possibility to express their views to a large public. In addition, our event series foster active participation and are held in English, German or French.

The information shared by our speakers and contributors contains valuable insights into the policy questions under review in the EU institutional context, as well as on the larger debate regarding European and international governance. As an established non-profit organisation, PubAffairs Bruxelles provides topical debates around EU-related issues by engaging with the processes which are shaping the European and global public discourse. Our cross-sectorial network of professionals, experts and active citizens are deeply interested in the field of public and regulatory EU affairs.

We also reach out to a considerable number of those concerned with EU policy-making through our social media channels (Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram). Our followers have different backgrounds and come from all over Europe and beyond.

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