Would a more consistent EU policy on biofuels support the agricultural sector and fast-track the transition to a low-carbon economy? (May 22)

May 22nd, 2417:00 Speakers: Pelkmans Luc, Pagani Patrick, Pacheco Joao, Corre Valérie
Moderator : Michalopoulos Sarantis

Reforming the single market and fostering EU competitiveness: can the EU regain its edge? (April 9)

Apr 9th, 2417:00 Speakers: Slotboom Outi, Pelkmans Jacques, Niederländer Frank, De Vijlder William, Lenchant Lucas
Moderator : Tamma Paola

Transparency, accountability and integrity: what lies ahead for interest representation and decision-making in the EU?

Feb 20th, 2417:00 Speakers: Hohlmeier Monika, Beck Christian, Varakas Paul, Katsaitis Alexander, de Elera Alvaro, De Vinck Isabelle
Moderator : Coen David

Special Event – The importance of trade for EU agri-food competitiveness and sustainable innovation: resilience v. self-sufficiency?

Nov 15th, 2317:30 Speakers: Clarke John, Rasmussen Esben Egede, Simovic Ksenija, Hackbart Bartosz
Moderator : Bolognaro Kait

Towards the decarbonisation of the aviation sector (October 24)

Oct 24th, 2317:00 Speakers: Smit Rachel, Meadows Damien, Oetjen Jan-Christoph, Llewellyn Glenn
Moderator : Goulding Carroll Sean

The decarbonisation of road mobility and the future of the European car industry in light of the Euro 7 debate (October 10)

Oct 10th, 2317:00 Speakers: Ruiz Rodrìguez Alberto, Marinescu Marian-Jean, Krajinska Anna
Moderator : Keating Dave

The role of renewable liquid fuels: does Europe have untapped potential? (April 25)

Apr 25th, 2316:00 Speakers: Willem “Tom” Van Ierland, Michał Kubicki, Catherine Banet, Philipp Offenberg, Lars Peter Lindfors
Moderator : Stefano Porciello

Product liability: From the General Product Safety Regulation (GPSR) to the Product Liability Directive (PLD)

Jan 24th, 2317:00 Speakers: Fabian Ladda, Laetitia Kister, Omar Ennaji
Moderator : Newman Matthew

The decarbonisation of the European economy and the European Green Deal in light of the upcoming Critical Raw Materials Act

Dec 6th, 2216:00 Speakers: Daniel Mes, Solis-Perez Susana, Giles Dickson, Sauer Andreas
Moderator : Frank Umbach

Which way forward for algorithmic management in the Platform Work Directive?

Nov 8th, 2216:00 Speakers: Muellensiefen Tobias, Hania Simon, Torvelainen Robert, Kilhoffer Zachary
Moderator : Théo Bourgery-Gonse