Cookie Policy

To offer you the best experience possible, we may use cookies. Cookies are small text files that a website saves in the browser of your device when you visit the website itself. They enable us to remember your actions and preferences (such as login) over a period of time. For instance, without cookies you would have to re-log-in each time you visit our website or simply switch pages while staying on our website.


Which cookies do we use?

We use tracking cookies and anonymous cookies (Google Analytics). Tracking cookies identify you when you’re logged in, meaning that you are able to set your preferences, change your settings etc. We also see tracking cookies from social networks such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter. Don’t worry, those data are anonymized – we cannot see your social media profiles. For additional information about our cookies, please check our Privacy policy.


You don’t want cookies?

You are free to decide whether you want us to use cookies. By default, we are setting all cookies off, except for the technical ones which are necessary for the website itself. You can accept all cookies or set your tailored preferences through our banner as soon as you visit our website.