Special Event – The importance of trade for EU agri-food competitiveness and sustainable innovation: resilience v. self-sufficiency?

Nov 15th, 2317:30 Speakers: Clarke John, Rasmussen Esben Egede, Simovic Ksenija, Hackbart Bartosz
Moderator : Bolognaro Kait

Special Event – Is the EU ready to engage with the current and future challenges of a fast-changing geopolitical environment?

Oct 25th, 2217:00 Speakers: Dennison Susi, Van Schaik Louise, Corbeau Anne-Sophie, Meyer Josefin, Youngs Richard
Moderator : Kanter James

Special Event – How to design marketplace-related provisions in the Digital Services Act for the benefit of consumers, traders and platforms

Nov 16th, 2116:00 Speakers: Piech Magdalena, Wehrhahn Carolin, Verkerk Marjolein, Barateau Cécile, Borlea Daniela
Moderator : Fragomeni Cesare

Special Event – Open source and an open world: What are the EU prospects on global multilateral governance after the coronavirus pandemic?

Oct 13th, 2018:00 Speakers: Rodríguez Ramos Maria Soraya, Renda Andrea, Purdy Andy, Llewellyn Henry, Castaldo Fabio Massimo
Moderator : Baker Jennifer

Special event – How to make Europe’s energy transition a reality with the help of smart technologies

Feb 19th, 2018:30 Speakers: Carvalho Maria, Gamon Claudia, Niinistö Ville, Vertmann Thor-Sten, Krevzelj Zeljko, Van Stiphout Mark, Brunner Dieter
Moderator : Strabbing Willem

Dans quelle mesure pouvons-nous parler d’un « mode de vie européen» et s’il existe quel est-il?

Nov 20th, 1918:00 Speakers: Trócsány László, Leclercq Jean, Rea Andrea, Rossetti di Valdalbero Domenico, De Lamotte Aymeric, Lopez Stéphane
Moderator : Denuit Renaud

Special Event – Digitalisation of SMEs: How to make it possible?

Oct 16th, 1918:00 Speakers: Peltonen Petri, Štefanec Ivan, Battista Jasmin, Borunska Katerina, Winn Birgit, Nilo Fonseca Alexandre, Kontkanen Mira-Maria, Mikliszanska Marta, Reimer Henrik, McMillan Neil
Moderator : Acton Michael

Special Event – Trade and the European elections: what is at stake?

Apr 10th, 1919:00 Speakers: Rizza Piero, Pondelek Ursa, Cepova-Fourtoy Andrea, Köhler Martin, Adam Ulrich
Moderator : Carnell Poppy

Special Event – Reform of the World Trade Organization: challenge or deadlock?

Jan 29th, 1919:00 Speakers: Brown Justin, Åsenius Maria, Lambert Stéphane, Luff David, Ratnam Jaya
Moderator : Kanter James

Special Event – Project UNIT-e presentation & the panel debate on the way forward for cleaner road transport

Jun 26th, 1814:30 Speakers: Plantet Gregory, Egenhofer Christian, France Van Der Valk Marie, Volkery Axel
Moderator : Belin Hughes