After Covid: Will Brexit be the next shock for Britain’s economy?

Britain is struggling with the economic impact of the coronavirus pandemic. A major supermarket just announced they’ll start rationing items amid fears of ‘second wave’ panic buying. But things could get even worse after a no-deal Brexit. The British Retail Consortium warns that tariffs would push up prices – hitting shoppers and retailers alike.
Half of British businesses will be inadequately prepared when/if the Brexit transition phase runs out at the end of the year. That’s according to a poll taken by the British chamber of commerce. 51 percent have not yet taken the steps recommended by the government for trade to continue to function seamlessly. That’s why the government in London is getting ready for a worst-case scenario. One reason why businesses are so poorly prepared is the coronavirus pandemic. The companies have been focussing on coping with the consequences of the lockdown.
A think tank with economists from London’s King’s College has concluded that a No-Deal Brexit could have three times the negative impact on the British economy as the coronavirus. The consequences of the pandemic may be more drastic in the short term, but in the long term, a No-Deal Brexit would leave deeper scars.