AI, telemedicine, digitisation – what’s the future of healthcare post-COVID-19?

What’s the future of healthcare? Are you going to become your own doctor? Can AI beat the world’s biggest diseases? Are hospitals as we know them going to disappear? What are the breakthrough technologies which will transform medicine in the next decade?

On the panel:
Dr. Seán Byrne, President of the European Health Parliament, and Brussels based expert in EU health policy and bioethics.
Dr Jamil El-Imad, Senior Research Fellow at Imperial College London, the CEO of TechNovus Ideas Laboratory and the Chief Scientist at NeuroPro.
Dr. Naomi Lee, Senior Editor at the Lancet and Vice-Chairs of the ITU-WHO Focus Group on AI for Health.
Dr. Bertalan Meskó, Director of The Medical Futuris Institute.
Jan-Willem Scheijgrond, Vice-President Global Government & Public Affairs, Philips.