Author claims China’s Xi Jinping could be removed from office

Chinese leader Xi Jinping is widely regarded today as the country’s most powerful leader since Mao Zedong. But in his latest book called “China Coup: The Great Leap to Freedom” China-watcher Roger Garside predicts that he will soon be removed from office. A quick overview of the power Xi has amassed: In November 2012 he was elected Communist Party General Secretary and Chairman of the party’s Central Military Commission, making him China’s paramount leader. A few months later he launched a national anti-corruption drive which many see as having been conducted outside the framework of due process. It’s seen the downfall of hundreds of thousands of officials and functionaries. In 2018, the National People’s Congress abolished term limits for the president and vice-president, making Xi a potentially life-long leader. And in 2020 Xi called anti-monopoly efforts against online firms one of the country’s chief goals. A speech by Alibaba founder Jack Ma criticizing the party is said to have infuriated Xi.