Global tax reform tops G20 meet in Venice

Global tax justice is at 15 %, that’s at least according to political leaders. The OECD countries agreed on this a week ago. And now the G20 finance ministers in Venice want to push ahead with the “global tax reform”. The goal is more tax justice. And in addition to the minimum tax, it also includes ensuring that international corporations no longer just pay taxes at their headquarters, but also where they generate their sales. The global tax reform is mainly about tech companies – which often make money all around, but are able to pay taxes only where the rates are low. What would countries collect in additional taxes if only the 5 largest tech companies – Google’s parent Alphabet, Amazon, Apple, Facebook and Microsoft – were taxed evenly? The development organization ActionAid has done the calculations: G20 countries would have collected almost $32 billion more in 2020. The OECD countries just under $28 billion. And in the EU, an additional $8 billion would have ended with the tax collectors.