How should the UK mark its departure from the EU?

Boris Johnson has suggested that people may be able to donate money towards the cost of making Big Ben chime when the UK leaves the EU. But how should the UK mark its departure from the EU? Big Ben has only rung on a few occasions since refurbishment of the tower housing it began in 2017. In an interview with BBC Breakfast, the prime minister said getting the famous bell to ring at 23:00 GMT on 31 January would cost £500,000, but he suggested that some form of crowdfunding might be possible. But will marking the UK’s departure date from the EU help to heal more than three years of division?

Presenter Katie Razzall is joined from Strasbourg by Brexit Party MEP Claire Fox and in the studio by Jude Kelly, who was artistic director of the SouthBank Centre until 2018 and was on the board of the remain campaign in 2016.

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