How will AKP try to fix eroding electoral base?

A major defeat for Turkey’s ruling party, in Istanbul’s re-run of its mayoral election.

It took a quarter of a century, But Turkey’s opposition finally worked out how to defeat President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.
Republican People’s Party candidate Ekrem Imamoglu has snatched election victory for the second time, and is mayor-elect for Istanbul.
A city that’s long been governed by Erdogan’s AK party – the president considers it decisive in shaping Turkish politics.
And its kind of personal for him too. It’s Erdogan’s political base, from where he began his career as a mayor. Imamoglu is now seen by many as Erdogan’s rising challenger.
He struck a positive message during his campaign with the slogan ‘Everything will be fine’.
But is that really true?

Presenter: Peter Dobbie

Galip Dalay, research director at Al Sharq Forum.
Murat Ozcelik, member of the Republican People’s Party, CHP.
Marc Pierini, former EU ambassador to Turkey.