Second Act: Will Macron reshuffle set a new course?

A reset button to propel Emmanuel #Macron to re-#election in 2022 or does the naming of the unheralded Jean #Castex as prime minister make it even lonelier at the top in France?

A centre-right technocrat, Castex shares a similar profile to his predecessor Édouard Philippe. But why the new face? Why did the popular Philippe have to go after rave reviews for his management of the Covid crisis?

With the worst of the recession still ahead, François Picard’s panel asks if the new team can succeed in rallying the nation as it faces the prospect of a brutal recession. Moreover, will Macron’s promise of a Jupiterean presidency come back to haunt him? And, can the president deliver on his promise of a “new roadmap” for the final 21 months of his mandate?