A sustainable future and food security for all: EU countries outline their priorities for the FAO

The Council has set out its priorities for the work of the UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), with the focus on driving the transition to a sustainable food system and achieving food security for all.

In conclusions approved at the Agriculture and Fisheries Council, ministers reaffirm the EU’s strong commitment to responding to the global food crisis and urge the FAO to intensify its efforts to monitor and address the impact of Russia’s war of aggression against Ukraine on food security, particularly in the most vulnerable countries.

“The transition to a sustainable food system that provides resilience against shocks and ensures food security for all is key to tackling the global challenges of today. The FAO has a vital role to play in achieving this. The EU and its member states are ready to strengthen their cooperation with the FAO and continue working with other FAO members to ensure effective action.”

Peter Kullgren, Swedish Minister for Rural Affairs

In the conclusions, ministers highlight the crucial role of the FAO in ensuring a sustainable future for agriculture. They call on the UN agency to increase its efforts in this regard, including by:

  • encouraging agriculture that integrates the environmental, social and economic aspects of sustainability on an equal footing
  • combatting threats such as deforestation and illegal or unreported fishing
  • promoting sustainable solutions to the many challenges facing cross-border water supplies

They also point to the importance of sustainable business models for agriculture, in particular circular economy, bioeconomy and nature-based solutions.

Finally, the Council calls on the FAO to continue its efforts to improve its governance, transparency and accountability, including by increasing gender equality within the agency. It highlights the longstanding relationship between the FAO on the one hand, and the EU and its member states on the other, and sets out a number of steps to further enhance dialogue and cooperation.


The Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) is a specialised agency of the United Nations. Its main objective is to coordinate international efforts to achieve food security at a global level.

Both the EU and its member states are among the FAO’s 195 members and contribute to the agency’s budget. The next elections for the post of director-general of the FAO will take place in July 2023.