Agreement on EU instrument supporting border management and common visa policy

  • 6.241 billion EUR over next seven years for border management and visa processing 
  • 10 % to be spent on visa policy in national programmes 
  • Greater focus on fundamental rights 
  • Supporting humanitarian visas and the development of integrated child protection systems at external borders 

On Thursday, Parliament and the Council reached a political agreement on the border management fund for 2021-2027, worth 6.241 billion EUR.

The fund will support strong and effective European integrated border management at the external borders, as well as a common visa policy to ensure a harmonised approach for issuing visas and to facilitate legitimate travel. MEPs insisted that 10% of the fund be earmarked for visa policy in national programmes.

Strengthened fundamental rights framework

During the talks, Parliament’s negotiators succeeded in strengthening the provisions on fundamental rights. Actions implemented under the instrument will be carried out in full compliance with the EU’s Charter of Fundamental Rights and its international obligations regarding fundamental rights, in particular the principles of non-discrimination and the right to not be returned to a country where you might face inhumane treatment.

Protecting the vulnerable and unaccompanied minors

In order to better help those in need of international protection, Parliament also secured support for measures to identify vulnerable persons and unaccompanied minors . The development of integrated child protection systems at the external borders and actions supporting member states in issuing visas on humanitarian grounds will also be funded.


After the agreement, rapporteur Tanja Fajon (S&D, SI) said: “In future, Europe’s borders will be safer and more centred around people. With more funds for visa policy, search and rescue operations, and enhanced provisions on fundamental rights – including the protection of vulnerable persons and a referral mechanism – we will hopefully make our borders more humane.”

Next steps

The deal will now be finalised before being formally adopted by Parliament and the Council.


The fund will also support the European Border and Coast Guard, the implementation of the hotspot approach, and the interoperability of various IT systems. These include the Entry-Exit System, the Visa Information System, the European Travel Information and Authorisation System, Eurodac and the Schengen Information System.