Agreement reached on 2022 EU budget

The Council has reached an agreement with the European Parliament on the 2022 EU budget, setting total commitments at €169,5 billion and payments at €170,6 billion. Next year’s budget strongly reflects the EU’s main priorities: economic recovery, fighting climate change, and the green and digital transitions. It also leaves enough resources under the expenditure ceilings of the 2021-2027 multiannual financial framework to allow the EU to react to unforeseeable needs.

We reached a well-balanced deal today, which is great news for the citizens. Next year’s EU budget dedicates enough resources to our priorities, and at the same time ensures sufficient fiscal space for unforeseen circumstances. The funding we agreed on today will underpin the recovery that is under way and strongly support our climate and digital targets. Along this path, the 2022 budget will be complemented by the Next Generation EU funds. Ensuring that a properly functioning budget for the next year is agreed on in time and that taxpayers receive the best possible value for their money has been a priority for the Slovenian Presidency of the Council. Together with the Parliament and the Commission, we have worked long and hard to get it over the finish line.

Irena Drmaž, Slovenia’s Ministre Délégué for the negotiations of the EU budget

2022 EU budget (in € million)
1. Single market, innovation and digital21 775,121 473,5
2. Cohesion and values56 039,062 052,8
2.a Economic, social and territorial cohesion49 708,856 350,9
2.b Resilience and values6 330,25 701,8
3. Natural resources and environment56 235,456 601,8
4. Migration and border management3 091,23 078,3
5. Security and defence1 785,31 237,9
6. Neighbourhood and the world17 170,412 916,1
7. European public administration10 620,110 620,2
Thematic special instruments2 799,22 622,8
TOTAL APPROPRIATIONS169 515,8170 603,3
Appropriations as % of GNI1,141,14

Next steps

The Council and the European Parliament now have 14 days to approve the joint text. The Council is expected to approve it on 23 November and the Parliament on 25/26 November.

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