Agriculture: The Commission approves ‘Cereja do Fundão’ as a new geographical indication from Portugal

The Commission has approved the addition of a new geographical indication from Portugal in the register of Protected Geographical Indication (PGI). ‘Cereja do Fundão‘ is the fruit of the sweet cherry tree Prunus avium and is intended to be consumed fresh. These plump, sweet cherries are famous in Portugal and abroad and have become one of the main hallmarks of the municipality of Fundão, the parishes of Louriçal do Campo and Lardosa (municipality of Castelo Branco) and the parishes of Ferro and Peraboa (municipality of Covilhã). The cherries have greatly boosted the local economy, providing 7,000 jobs over the span of a decade. This new registration will join more than 1,470 already protected products, the list of which is available in the eAmbrosia database. For more information, see also the pages on quality policy.