Agriculture: the Commission approves new geographical indication from Hungary

The Commission has approved today the addition of ‘Akasztói szikiponty’ from Hungary in the register of Protected Designation of Origin (PDO). ‘Akasztói szikiponty’ is a variety of carp with a light greyish golden-yello colour. They are reared in the municipalities of Akasztó and Dunatetétlen, in Southern Hungary. The quality of ‘Akasztói szikiponty’ is due not only to the exceptional properties of the natural environment, but also to the local fish-rearing traditions and techniques. The ponds are formed on saline soils which give to the fish its slight smell of fresh salt. This new designation will join more than 1,480 food products already protected. The list is available in the eAmbrosia database. For more information, see also the pages on quality policy.