Agriculture: the Commission approves new geographical indications from Norway

The Commission has approved the addition of two new geographical indications from Norway in the register of Protected Geographical Indication (PGI). ‘Norsk Vodka’/‘Norwegian Vodka‘ is known for its neutral flavour with a pure and clean taste, making it ideal for various cocktails. Made from either potatoes or grain, it is produced in three stages, namely brewing, distilling and post-distillation processing, which must take place within the Kingdom of Norway. This production process follows a tradition dating back to Bergen in 1531. Bergen was a commercial centre for Norwegian fisheries and the foundation of trading traditions and gastronomical development in Norway. ‘Norsk Akevitt’/‘Norsk Aquavit’/‘Norsk Akvavit’/‘Norwegian Aquavit‘ is a spirit produced from potatoes, distilled with herbs and spices and matured in wooden casks. Soft on the palate, it has a defined flavor, an aroma of caraway/dill and notes of other herbs and spices. In particular, the systematic cask maturation process distinguishes Norwegian Aquavit from other varieties and has led to its international reputation for quality. Aquavit is popular during festive celebrations such as Christmas. There are currently 33 geographical indications protected in the EU register originating from third countries (food, wines and spirits included), benefitting from the same protection and market added-value than EU protected products. More information: webpages on quality products and the eAmbrosia database.