Amplifying the contribution of cities to Energy Union: Launch of the EU Covenant of Mayors Board

Today Friday, Vice-President for the Energy Union Maroš Šefčovič represents the European Commission at the launch of the EU Covenant of Mayors Board in Brussels. The establishment of the Board of Mayors will strengthen the political role of the EU Covenant of Mayors in contributing towards the modernisation of the European economy, meet emission reduction commitments and towards the completion of the Energy Union, one of the flagship initiatives of the Juncker Commission. As two thirds of the EU’s population live in urban areas, cities and their mayors are key to handling challenges like air pollution, traffic congestion and energy-efficient housing. “The EU Covenant of Mayors shows that when local leaders share a vision of a modern and clean future and roll up their sleeves, things get done. Never before have so many cities joined forces, eager to inspire each other and committed to collectively taking the path to a low-carbon, resilient society. Setting up a board of mayors will strengthen the EU’s Covenant’s impact even more, in Europe as well as globally, through the Global Covenant of Mayors“, said Vice-President Šefčovič ahead of today’s launch. Board members are expected to campaign for enabling frameworks for local climate and energy action; as well as raising awareness about various local needs.  In June 2016, the EU Covenant of Mayors and the Compact of Mayors launched the Global Covenant of Mayors, the largest global coalition of cities which is committed to climate change mitigation, adaptation to the adverse effects of climate change and universal access to secure, clean and affordable energy.