Analysis highlights quality of public administration as key success factor towards recovery, green and digital transitions

Today, the Commission has published a detailed analysis on the role of national public administrations in meeting EU priorities. The report also covers the challenges these administrations face as well as the Commission’s experience in helping them boost their performance and capabilities. Commissioner for Cohesion and Reforms, Elisa Ferreira, stated: “The quality of public administration is of utmost importance to enable innovation and economic growth. Public administrations translate EU law and programmes into concrete actions with long-term effects on economic, social and territorial cohesion, providing essential services and managing public spending. A deficient public administration leads to high economic and social costs. The current administrative systems were designed in times of relative stability and the coronavirus crisis demonstrates that public administrations need a deep organisational, technological and cultural transformation to be more flexible and resilient. The Commission can help in achieving this goal to the benefit of the current and the next generations of European citizens.” Public administration implement directly about 35% of the EU budget and its quality is crucial for recovery and sustainable growth. The Commission is actively supporting Member States to improve the quality of public administrations, through the identification of critical issues, the support in the design and deployment of reforms, the provision of capacity-building tools and of (peer-based) guidance, the facilitation of knowledge exchanges, financial support and the promotion of research and innovation. The full analysis is available here.