Anti-corruption: Third report on combatting corruption in the private sector marks progress

Today, the European Commission is publishing its third report on combatting corruption in the private sector. The report finds that many Member States have stepped up their efforts to amend national legislation and bring sanctions linked to corruption in line with the minimum standards set out by the Council Framework Decision. The Commission’s assessment focused on Member States’ efforts to: criminalise various aspects of active and passive corruption in the private sector, including bribery; penalise the instigation of corruption as well as aiding or abetting corruption; and to implement legal penalties for individuals. Work must continue to enforce the measures and to eliminate possible limitations to the scope of the Decision, such as, for example, omitting non-profit entities or specifying certain conditions in which the offence may be committed. In any event, the Commission will continue to support Member States in transposing, implementing and enforcing EU legislation in the field of anti-corruption.