Antitrust: Commission publishes market study on hotels’ distribution practices

The European Commission published today the results of an external market study on the distribution practices of hotels in the EU. The market study was conducted in 2021 and covers the period between 2017 and 2021. It focused on a representative sample of six Member States (Austria, Belgium, Cyprus, Poland, Spain and Sweden). The results of the market study do not indicate any significant change in the competitive situation in the hotel accommodation distribution sector in the EU compared to 2016. The Commission consulted the EU National Competition Authorities (‘NCAs’) on the design of the market study and has discussed the results of the study with them. The results of the study will be taken into account by the Commission and NCAs in their ongoing monitoring and enforcement work in the hotel accommodation distribution sector. The Digital Markets Act (‘DMA’), which is expected to enter into force in the autumn may also have an impact on competition in the hotel accommodation distribution sector. A press release is available online.