Banking Union: First Progress Report on the tackling of non-performing loans to support the risk-reduction agenda

The European Commission has welcomed the headway made in tackling non-performing loans (NPLs) in the EU as part of ongoing work at the national and EU level to reduce remaining risks in parts of the European banking sector. In its First Progress Report since the Finance Ministers agreed an Action Plan on reducing non-performing loans (NPLs), the Commission highlights the further improvement in NPL ratios and forthcoming measures to bring NPL stocks down further. Reducing NPLs is important for the smooth functioning of the Banking Union and the Capital Markets Union, and for a stable and integrated financial system in the EU. Addressing high stocks of NPLs and preventing their possible future accumulation is essential to strengthen and cement economic growth in Europe. Households and companies depend on a strong and crisis-proof financial sector to get financing. While individual banks and Member States are in the driving seat when it comes to tackling their stocks of NPLs, there is a clear EU dimension given the potential spill-over effects to the EU economy as a whole. A full press release, MEMO and factsheet can be found online.