Brenner traffic situation: Commissioner Vălean on mission to seek solutions

Tomorrow, Commissioner for Transport Adina-Ioana Vălean will travel to the Brenner Corridor, located between Munich (DE) and Verona (IT). The Brenner Pass is one of Europe’s most important north-south transit routes linking Germany, Austria and Italy across the Alps. The regions along the Corridor are facing serious air quality and traffic congestion challenges and Commissioner Vălean‘s visit is part of the Commission’s ongoing efforts to find solutions by engaging with the concerned Member States. The Commissioner will first travel to Innsbruck (AT), where she will meet Leonore Gewessler, Minister for Climate Action, Environment, Energy, Mobility, Innovation and Technology of Austria; Günther Platter, Governor of Tyrol; and Ingrid Felipe, Deputy Governor of Tyrol. Following their meeting, Commissioner Vălean, together with Minister Gewessler and Governor Platter, will hold a joint press point at 9:30. Then, still in Austria, the Commissioner will continue her mission and visit the Brenner Base Tunnel construction site and the RoLa Terminal Brennersee. Later in the day, the Commissioner will continue her visit to Fortezza where she will visit the construction site Isarco River Underpass and meet Paola De Micheli, Minister for Infrastructure and Transport of Italy and Arno Kompatscher, Governor of South Tyrol. Then, Commissioner Vălean together with Minister De Micheli and Governor Kompatscher will hold another press point at around 13:00, before she continues to travel to Munich where she will finally meet Andreas Scheuer, Minister for Transport and Digital Infrastructure of Germany.