Broad support for the euro in non-euro area Member States

The results of the latest Flash Eurobarometer survey published today show broad support for the euro in Member States that have yet to adopt the common currency. The survey was conducted in the seven Member States that have not yet joined the euro area, namely in Bulgaria, Czechia, Croatia, Hungary, Poland, Romania and Sweden. A strong majority of EU citizens surveyed (60%) think the euro has had positive consequences for those countries already using it. A majority (52%) of respondents overall are not only more positive about the consequences that the introduction of the euro would have for their country, but more than half (55%) say that the euro’s introduction would also have positive consequences for them personally. Overall, 57% of respondents are in favour of introducing the euro in their country. Opinion is most positive in Romania (75% in favour) and Hungary (69%). Across all of the Member States surveyed, except Czechia, there has been an increase in the proportion in favour of introducing the euro compared to 2020. The largest increases are observed in Romania (from 63% to 75%) and Sweden (from 35% to 43%). The full results of the Flash Eurobarometer survey are available here.