Capital Markets Union: Commission expert group delivers recommendations to improve European corporate bond markets

The Commission’s expert group on corporate bond markets has today published its findings and recommendations, alongside a separate external study on the drivers of corporate bond market liquidity. Corporate bonds are debt securities that businesses issue and sell to investors to raise capital. Strong corporate bond markets can give businesses access to alternative, more diverse sources of funding. They also offer new investment opportunities for European savers. These are all key objectives of the Commission’s flagship Capital Markets Union project. The expert group delivered 22 recommendations to foster the development of corporate bond markets in Europe. These recommendations will be discussed at a public hearing in Brussels on 24 November 2017. As part of its ongoing work, the Commission will follow up on some recommendations and gather views from a broader audience through a public consultation in early 2018. This will provide input for a communication on corporate bonds in the autumn of 2018. For further information please consult the Q&A.