Civilian CSDP Compact: Council conclusions commend progress

The Council today adopted conclusions on the Civilian CSDP Compact, reaffirming its commitment to strengthening the civilian branch of the Common Security and Defence Policy.

The conclusions highlight the key contribution of all civilian CSDP missions to international peace and security as an essential tool in the EU’s integrated approach to external conflicts and crises. Furthermore, the conclusions underline the contribution that the civilian dimension of CSDP can deliver in response to new and emerging threats and challenges, including those linked to hybrid threats, cybersecurity, terrorism and radicalisation, disinformation and information manipulation, organised crime, border management and maritime security, and preventing and countering violent extremismThe conclusions also recall the contribution of civilian CSDP missions to strengthening partner countries’ resilience.

The Council welcomes the commitment shown by all stakeholders at the Annual Review Conference of the Civilian CSDP Compact, held on 19 November 2021, and the waypoints that will guide the way forward to ensure the full and coherent implementation of all commitments in the Compact by early summer 2023 at the latest. The Council also commends the overall progress in implementing the Civilian CSDP Compact, both at national level by the member states and at EU level by the EEAS and Commission services. The number of member state experts in the civilian CSDP missions has increased and the cooperation between CSDP and Justice and Home Affairs (JHA) actors at EU and member state level has been enhanced, underlining the strong link between external and internal security. The EEAS and Commission will support member states in developing and providing the capabilities, capacities and competences needed to undertake the full range of civilian CSDP missions, and they will all strive to increase complementarity and synergies.

The Council recalls that the Strategic Compass, once agreed, will further guide the level of ambition and define policy orientations and specific goals and objectives in security and defence, including for civilian CSDP.

Background and next steps

The Compact was established following conclusions adopted by member states at the Foreign Affairs Council meeting on 19 November 2018. Through the Compact the EU intends to strengthen its capacity to deploy and sustain civilian crisis management missions. These missions aim to reinforce the police, rule of law and civil administration in fragile and conflict settings.

The EU currently has 11 ongoing civilian missions, in Ukraine, Georgia, Kosovo*, Libya, the Palestinian Territories (Ramallah and Rafah), the Central African Republic, Niger, Mali, Somalia and Iraq.