Cleaner cities for all: Commission launches European Mobility Week 2020 to promote zero-emission mobility

Tomorrow marks the start of the 19th European Mobility Week, the European Commission’s yearly campaign promoting clean and sustainable urban mobility. Running from 16–22 September, the event will see thousands of towns and cities from over 40 countries organising activities that put zero-emission mobility for all in the spotlight. It includes the well-known car-free day, when roads are closed for motorised traffic and open for people on foot, bike, e-scooter etc. Commissioner for Transport, Adina Vălean, said: “This year is a big challenge for our towns and cities. But the pandemic also showed us that people appreciate and expect our cities to become safer, cleaner and accessible to all. During this week and beyond, our partner cities from all around Europe will show how greener and more digital European towns and cities could look.” Additionally, and in cooperation with the campaign, the European network of road traffic police forces (ROADPOL) is organising a new campaign for road safety – the ROADPOL Safety Days. The national police forces will record the number of road fatalities on 17 September, aiming to reach zero deaths on that day. This year’s theme ‘zero-emission mobility for all’ does not only reflect the European Green Deal‘s ambitious targets of a carbon-neutral continent by 2050, but also the often overlooked importance of accessibility to zero-emission transport. More information can be found here.