Cohesion policy: Commission approves €47 million investment in South West Romania’s emergency hospital

The European Commission has approved an investment worth €47 million from the European Regional Development Fund to build an over 800-bed Regional Emergency Hospital (REH) in Craiova, in Romania’s Dolj county. This project will improve the local population’s access to quality healthcare, including life-saving chemotherapy for cancer patients. Commissioner for Cohesion and Reforms, Elisa Ferreira, commented: “The coronavirus pandemic has yet again shown how important it is to invest in modern and efficient healthcare infrastructures, which has always been – and it will continue to be – EU Cohesion policy’s top priority as shown by this major project adoption.” The construction of the emergency hospital in South West Romania will help reduce inequalities in access to healthcare, especially for people in rural and impoverished areas. This will ensure early diagnosis of less serious conditions, with better chances of successful treatment, fewer deaths and long-term disabilities. At the same time, modern infrastructure and equipment, as well as better organisation and management, will ensure more efficient treatment of life-threatening conditions. Moreover, the project also aims at counteracting the brain drain of medical staff from the region by providing local doctors and nurses a more attractive working environment. The hospital is expected to be operational as of 2026.