Cohesion policy: Commission approves investment in wastewater treatment to ensure cleaner sea and soil in Greece

The European Commission has approved a wastewater treatment project in Attica, Greece, worth over €176 million from the Cohesion Fund. This investment is about the construction of a modern sewerage infrastructure in order to allow for safer effluent disposal in Attica’s Rafina-Pikermi and Spata-Artemida municipalities. Commissioner for Cohesion and Reforms, Elisa Ferreira, commented: “By ensuring that no untreated or insufficiently treated effluent is released into the environment, this project will contribute to a cleaner, healthier sea and soil for a better quality of life of residents and tourists in Attica.” Among other features, the project will lead to the reuse of the wastewater treatment plant’s effluents for irrigation so that less water is drawn from the upper surface of the ground water, and in order to reduce salinization. The project is expected to be operational as of end 2023.