College statement on the first anniversary of the devastating floods in north-west Europe

One year ago, severe floods devastated parts of north-west Europe. The loss of life was heart-breaking.

One year on, we affirm that the EU will always stand in full solidarity with flood victims across Europe and the world, bringing the necessary resources and know-how to assist local authorities whenever they need help.

The scale of the damage was shocking as the floods affected thousands of families in Belgium, Germany, Luxembourg and the Netherlands. In Belgium alone, our host country, around 48,000 buildings were damaged.

Europe was quick to show its solidarity with the victims, so people who lost homes and businesses could at least keep their hope. Following a request, the EU supported through several means.

At the same time, we will continue to work with the world in the fight against climate change which, as scientists confirm, is responsible for making what were once rare events, sadly ever more frequent.

Our thoughts are with the victims of all these terrible natural disasters, and with their families and friends.