Commission adopts proposals for visa measures to foster readmission cooperation

On 9 November, the Commission adopted proposals for visa measures to increase cooperation on readmission and return with Senegal and The Gambia. The Commission will continue its active engagement with these partners to improve cooperation on readmission. Under the revised Visa Code, the Commission annually assesses readmission cooperation with non-EU countries, reports to the Council and actively engages in dialogue to improve readmission cooperation with partners. Eventual Commission proposals to the Council on visa measures take into account the Union’s overall relations with the countries concerned. The Commission had made proposals already in July 2021 to foster readmission cooperation under the visa code mechanism (article 25a) for Bangladesh and Iraq. On Bangladesh, substantial progress on readmission cooperation has been made and, in this context, should this progress be sustained, the Commission will consider withdrawing its proposal under the visa code mechanism (Article 25a). As regards Iraq, good engagement is ongoing to improve readmission cooperation. The 2021 proposal remains with the Council.