Commission approves amendment to 2022-2027 regional State aid map for Greece

The European Commission has approved, under EU State aid rules, an amendment to Greece’s map for granting regional aid until 31 December 2027, within the framework of the regional aid guidelines.

On 6 January 2022, the Commission approved the 2022-2027 regional aid map for Greece, and its amendment on 14 July 2022 to increase aid intensities for territories identified for support from the Just Transition Fund. On 30 May 2023, the Commission adopted a Communication regarding a possible mid-term review of the regional aid maps, taking into account updated statistics.

In this context, the amendment to Greece’s regional aid map approved today enables higher maximum amounts of aid to investments in certain regions, because of the decrease of  the gross domestic product per capita in those regions. The maximum amounts of aid will increase as follows: (i) from 40% to 50% of the eligible investment costs in Νότιο Αιγαίο / Notio Aigaio, and (ii) from 50% to 60% of the eligible investment costs in Κρήτη / Kriti and Δυτική Μακεδονία / Dytiki Makedonia. The amended map will be in force from 1 January 2024 until 31 December 2027.

The non-confidential version of today’s decision will be made available under the case number SA.109322 in the State aid register on the Commission’s competition website once any confidentiality issues have been resolved.