Commission disburses an additional €1.9 billion to Ukraine in pre-financing

Today, the Commission has disbursed almost €1.9 billion of pre-financing to Ukraine under the Ukraine Facility. This brings to €7.9 billion the total EU support already transferred to Ukraine since it became operational in March.

The new funding will support Ukraine’s macro-financial stability as it implements critical long-term structural reforms under the Ukraine Plan, Ukraine’s reform and growth plan for the next four years, which has been positively assessed by the Commission and the Council.

Today’s pre-financing represents an advanced disbursement of 7% of the loan support that Ukraine is eligible to receive under the Ukraine Facility to support the implementation of the Ukraine Plan. The plan sets out reforms and investments that can boost sustainable economic growth and attract investments, amplifying the country’s growth potential in the medium-to-long term.

Quarterly payments under the Ukraine Facility will now follow, conditional on Ukraine meeting pre-agreed requirements, ensuring regular and predictable financial support to Ukraine.

European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen said: “This week we have made a historic step with the formal opening of accession negotiations with Ukraine. And yesterday, we disbursed a new €1.9 billion under the Ukraine Facility, bringing to close to €8 billion the total disbursed so far. Now regular payments will follow on a quarterly basis. The EU is determined to continue helping Ukraine keep its state running as it fights for its freedom and takes forward reforms on its path to the EU. The Commission will support you every step of the way.”

Olivér Várhelyi, Commissioner for Neighbourhood and Enlargement said: “With the additional €1.9 billion we disburse today, Ukraine can maintain its critical services running for the civilian population and ensure macro-financial stability. Looking ahead, through the €50 billion Ukraine Facility, we will continue to support Ukraine’s economy and the long-term structural reforms under the Ukraine Plan. Europe remains united in its support for Ukraine.”

For the period 2024-2027, up to €50 billion in grants and loans will be provided under the EU’s Ukraine Facility to support Ukraine’s efforts to sustain macro-financial stability, promote short-term recovery as well as rebuild and modernise the country whilst implementing key reforms for its EU accession path. The Ukraine Facility will support the transition towards green, digital and inclusive economy that is progressively aligned with EU rules and standards. More information on the EU solidarity with Ukraine is available online. A factsheet on the Ukraine Facility is also available online.