Commission gathers leading scientists to discuss latest on Artificial Intelligence

Today and tomorrow, the European Research Council (ERC) brings Europe’s top brains together to share latest research insights on artificial intelligence (AI). During the conference EU-funded scientists will explain and discuss their work ranging from machine learning, neural networks, ethics to data science and algorithms.

The Commission recently presented a European approach to artificial intelligence with three principal goals: increase investment in research and innovation, prepare for socio-economic changes and ensure an appropriate ethical and legal framework. Driven by scientists, entrepreneurs and policy makers, the application and market uptake of artificial intelligence has accelerated in the recent years in areas such as autonomous driving, social robots and automated medical diagnosis. Building on the Communication and Declaration of Cooperation from April, and further to EU leaders’ call at the European Council in June, the Commission is now developing with Member States a coordinated action plan for the development of artificial intelligence in Europe. The Commission has also set up the European AI Alliance and the High-Level Expert Group on Artificial Intelligence, which contribute to the implementation of the European approach to artificial intelligence. The Expert Group took up its work in June 2018 and will present a first draft of ethics guidelines by the end of the year. For more details on the conference programme see here. A Facebook live debate will happen tomorrow at 2:30 pm, which can also be followed on Twitter (@EU_Commission)