Commission gathers views on how to make the agri-food industrial ecosystem greener, more digital and resilient

The Commission published an analysis of the existing EU policies supporting the agri-food sector to become greener, more digital and resilient.  With it, the Commission is launching a public consultation inviting interested parties to propose actions to accelerate the twin transition of the sector. The consultation is open to the whole industrial value chain, as well as public authorities, social partners, research organizations and others.

In parallel, the Commission plans to organise workshops to discuss and collect views on how to make this industrial ecosystem more competitive.  The objective is to co-create a Transition Pathway for the agri-food sector by the end of 2023.

The Commission proposed to develop transition pathways in different industrial ecosystems in the May 2021 Industrial Strategy Update. The Update was accompanied by the first Annual Single Market Report, which offers an analysis of the challenges faced by different ecosystems and serves as a starting point for preparation of the transition pathways.

The targeted public consultation on the transition pathway for the agri-food industry will last until 19 September.

(For more information: Sonya Gospodinova – Tel.: +32 2 296 69 53; Federica Miccoli – Tel.: +32 2 295 83 00)