Commission hosts joint tax conference with IMF and publishes new report on the performance of EU Member States’ tax systems

A new report published by the Commission today examines how the tax systems of Member States are performing against the twin taxation priorities of efficiency and fairness. Published to coincide with the joint European Commission-IMF conference on ‘Taxation, Investment, and Innovation: a Triptych for Balanced Growth’,  this first survey of Tax Policies in the EU draws together information from different sources to examine how Member States’ tax systems help to promote investment and employment, how they are working to reduce tax fraud, evasion and avoidance, and how tax systems help to address income inequalities and ensure social fairness. The report substantiates the priorities outlined in the Annual Growth Survey in the area of taxation and presents clearly and accessibly the most recent reforms undertaken by Member States. Reform options are also presented, alongside examples to help those Member States looking into ways to improve efficiency and fairness in their tax systems. An infographic provides a quick overview of the report’s main findings and trends.