Commission implementation tool launched to help Member States comply with EU environmental legislation

Today the European Commission is launching the Environmental Implementation Review which will give the first comprehensive overview on the state-of-play of how key environmental policies and laws have been implemented on the ground in Member States. The aim of this process is to help Member States comply with the rules, anticipate problems and identify solutions and priorities before formal infringement proceedings are initiated. Full implementation of EU environmental legislation could save the EU economy €50 billion every year in health costs and direct costs to the environment. Commissioner Vella said: “The Environmental Implementation Review shows that grassroots efforts help environmental policies to take hold. For example, if EU water legislation were to be fully implemented, the combined annual benefits to society could reach € 2.8 billion. If Natura 2000 sites were to be fully manned and managed our biodiversity trends would improve. If air quality rules were followed we could reduce respiratory illness among our population. We need to step up our work with Member States to close the gaps. The earlier we act, the less costly it will be.