Commission kicks off consultations on the greening and digitalisation of the mobility, transport and automotive ecosystem

Today, the Commission invites interested parties to reflect and contribute on the transition of the mobility ecosystem, covering automotive, waterborne and rail supply. The Commission is now asking companies across the sector, public authorities, social partners, research organisations and all interested parties to express their views on how the mobility ecosystem can accomplish the green and digital transitions, while increasing their resilience. They are all invited to help better define the costs, needs and conditions to accompany the transformation of the industrial mobility ecosystem. Through this process of co-creation, a jointly agreed plan, known as a transition pathway, will be finalised in the course of 2022.  Commissioner Thierry Breton, responsible for the Internal Market, said: “Mobility and transport are essential for European citizens, our economy and employment. But this industrial ecosystem is also subject to significant transformations. Today, we are launching a dialogue with all stakeholders from the ecosystem to work together and propose a path to make the automotive, waterborne and rail supply industries greener, support them in embracing digitalisation and strengthening the resilience of their value chains.” The Commission proposed to develop transition pathways in different ecosystems in the May 2021 Industrial Strategy Update, as part of efforts to accelerate the green and digital transformation of European industry. The Update was accompanied by the first Annual Single Market Report, which offers an analysis of the challenges faced by different industrial sectors and serves as a starting point for further analysis and preparation of the transition pathways, with the aim of developing transition pathways for all relevant ecosystems. The mobility ecosystem now follows the work already launched for the TourismEnergy Intensive IndustriesConstructionProximity and Social Economy ecosystems. The consultation on the transition pathway for the mobility ecosystem will last until 31 March 2022.