Commission launches “.ευ” enabling domain names in full Greek script

Tomorrow the European Commission will launch “.ευ”, the Greek equivalent of the .eu top-level domain, during a dedicated event in Athens, Greece. From now on users will be able to create a domain name in full Greek script, marking a momentous development since the launch of the Cyrillic .ею extension in June 2016. Commissioner for Digital Economy and Society, Mariya Gabriel, said: “The launch of the .ευ domain is another example of the EU’s commitment to promoting multilingualism and diversity across the continent. Companies and citizens in the EU are now able to register domain names in non-Latin scripts, namely Greek and Bulgarian, that are used by millions of people. As such, users will have a greater choice of domain names, which will in turn stimulate faster development of electronic commerce and bring about many other benefits.” Existing domain names with Greek characters registered under .eu will have 3 years to migrate to the new extension. Now available in every alphabet used within the EU, .eu is growing in popularity. It is currently the 7th largest country code extension on the internet since its launch in 2003, with 3.7 million EU citizens and businesses using a domain name under this reliable and secure extension. The .eu domain is currently managed by EURid, a private, independent, non-profit organisation that has operated the .eu under contract to the Commission since 2003. More information is available here.