Commission launches 424 new EUROPE DIRECT centres: reaching people in all corners of the EU

A new generation of some 424 EUROPE DIRECT centres start operating across the EU as of 1 May. These centres will bring the European Union, its policies and values to all corners of Europe, and they will reinforce the important connection between EU institutions and citizens, helping to explain how Europe is combatting the COVID-19 pandemic, boosting recovery through NextGenerationEU, and tackling the green and digital transitions. The new EUROPE DIRECT network will provide timely and factual information on European matters, but also seek to engage with citizens regarding the state and future of the European Union. Seeing their role and mandate modernised, the new generation of EUROPE DIRECT centres will organise citizens’ dialogues and participatory events, for example for the Conference on the Future of Europe. They will offer relevant information on EU policies and priorities to local media and multipliers, and involve them in their activities. They will also help the Commission keep track of local sensitivities linked to EU policies. The new centres will equally promote active European citizenship in schools and coordinate with other EU networks in the regions, ensuring easier local access to information for citizens, organisations and businesses. Find your nearest EUROPE DIRECT centre by selecting your Member State on this map (updated as of 1 May with new list of centres).