Commission launches new European Climate and Health Observatory

Today, the Commission and the European Environment Agency are launching the European Climate and Health Observatory. As announced in the recently adopted Strategy for Adaptation to Climate Change, the Observatory aims to create, connect, pool and provide the knowledge, expertise and tools required to tackle the health challenges related to climate change, making our societies more resilient. There are clear warnings that the climate crisis will bring about more frequent and serious health emergencies, and climate change is already having an impact on people’s health and health systems. More frequent and intense extreme weather events, the emergence and spread of new infectious diseases, threats to the safety and security of food and water, and the loss of biodiversity are all expected to generate serious health risks and amplify existing health problems. At a launch event this afternoon, high-level speakers from the Commission and the European Environment Agency will explain how the Observatory will help us to understand, anticipate and minimise these threats. You can register and follow the launch event here from 14:00-16:00 CET.