Commission launches pilot of Deforestation Information System to help authorities, companies and traders prepare for EU Deforestation Regulation

The Commission is starting today pilot testing of the Deforestation Information System, a key step to operationalise the Regulation on deforestation-free products (EUDR). The system will help operators, traders, competent authorities and customs submit and process due diligence statements. Once the EUDR is fully in force, such statements will serve as proof that products are deforestation-free and can therefore be placed on the EU market or exported from it.

100 stakeholders from all relevant sectors concerned by the EUDR will participate in the pilot which will run until the end of January. Following this, the Commission will provide a training environment and “train-the-trainers” sessions to all interested companies in the summer of 2024, in coordination with Member States’ authorities. The Commission will also make available user manuals and other relevant self-learning material such as video tutorials.