Commission revamps its ‘Have Your Say’ portal

@European Union, 2018 Photo: Mauro Bottaro@European Union, 2018 Photo: Mauro Bottaro

The Commission has today launched a revamped version of ‘Have Your Say’ – the web portal which brought together, for the first time in 2017, all opportunities to contribute online to EU law and policymaking. The new version should further improve Commission consultation and communication with the public and increase transparency. As part of its ‘Better Regulation’ agenda, the aim of the portal is to enhance the quality of EU policymaking, thanks to the input of all relevant stakeholders. The portal is now more user-friendly, giving the public direct access to share their views on the newest consultations – for example, on Sustainable and Smart Mobility strategy, on the Digital Services Act, or on a new Consumer Agenda. More information is available here.