Commission strengthens cooperation on satellite data with the National Commission on Space Activities of Argentina to tackle societal challenges

The Commission signed a Copernicus Administrative Arrangement on cooperation with the National Commission on Space Activities of Argentina (CONAE).

The aim of the Arrangement is to share each other’s satellite Earth Observation data on the basis of reciprocity. This Arrangement will provide mutual benefits. On the one hand, the National Commission on Space Activities of Argentina intends to provide end-users in Argentina with a facilitated and simplified access to data from Copernicus. On the other hand, Copernicus services deliver near-real-time data to users around the world through satellite and in situ systems like ground-based sensors. With access to such systems from Argentina, Copernicus services will be better and more precise.

The signature of the Arrangement will be followed by the setting up of an Argentina EU Copernicus coordination group to implement the arrangement. Copernicus is the EU’s Earth Observation programme. This Arrangement is part of the Copernicus global outreach strategy which aims to promote the take-up of Copernicus data and its services in tackling societal challenges worldwide through Arrangements with partner countries. So far, the Commission has signed similar arrangements with administrations in the United States, Canada, Japan, Australia, Chile, Colombia, Brazil, Panama, India, the African Union, Serbia, Ukraine and the Philippines. More information is available here.