Commission supports Member States to foster gender equality in policy-making and public expenditure

Today the Commission launched a project to help Member States implement gender equality policies tackling gender-based discrimination. This project, financed by the Technical Support Instrument (TSI), will support both national and regional administrations to improve their capacity to take decisions and invest public money in a way that benefits equally both men and women. Through workshops, conferences, training sessions and study visits, participants from public administrations will gain new tools, skills and knowledge to plan laws and budget not to directly or indirectly exclude citizens based on their gender. The project will involve 9 national and regional administrations from 7 Member states that have submitted their request for support: France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Portugal and Romania. It will produce useful recommendations for policymakers on the so-called ‘gender-budgeting’ – structuring spending and taxation in ways that advance gender equality. Effective policies could, for example, include paid parental leave, equal pay, gender-related pension reforms. This TSI project will last until December 2024 and will produce results that may be replicated and shared across the EU. The TSI offers expertise to all EU countries for the implementation of growth-enhancing reforms. The support offered by the Commission is based on request and is tailor-made for the beneficiary Member State. Since 2017, the Structural Reform Support Programme and the TSI have been supporting over 1,400 reform projects in all Member States. For more details here.