Commission to assess state of play and next steps on visa reciprocity with the US, Canada and Brunei

The European Commission will today discuss the state of play and way forward as regards the situation of non-reciprocity with certain third countries in the area of visa policy. The US, Canada and Brunei continue to apply visa requirements for citizens of some EU Member States, despite their citizens benefiting from an EU-wide visa waiver. Visa waiver reciprocity is a principle of the EU’s common visa policy and if non-reciprocity by third countries is not corrected then this can be cause for suspending the visa waiver for citizens of those third countries. Any such decision must take into account the consequences of the suspension of the visa waiver for the external relations of the EU and its Member States. In line with the deadlines set out in the legislation adopted by the European Parliament and Council, the Commission is obliged to set out its position today and launch a political discussion on next steps. A Press Release and Memo will be available after 15:00.