Commissioner Andriukaitis in Vatican to attend the Conference on Reduction of Food Loss and Waste

On Monday, 11 November, Commissioner Andriukaitis is in Vatican attending the Conference on Reduction of Food Loss and Waste. Before the event, he will meet Italian Health Minister Roberto Speranza. Ahead of the conference, Commissioner Andriukaitis said: “I agree with Pope Francis that food waste is cruel and unjust reality in a world where 820 million people suffer from hunger. It is a terrible paradox that doesn’t elevate us. At the European Union level, we have been working hard to raise food waste awareness and put in place concrete actions to address it. I will be honoured to share our experience and encourage other actors to take the lead and shed all the light on this shameful practice that we need to stop”. On Tuesday 12/11 and Wednesday 13/11, Commissioner Andriukaitis will be in Sardinia to discuss issues related to African swine fever. He will meet Christian Solinas, President of the Sardinia Region, Ennio Arba, Mayor of Urzulei and breeders’ organisation, and will also visit a laboratory.