Commissioner Gabriel in Le Mans to promote the importance of hydrogen for the EU recovery plan and the European Green Deal

Tomorrow, Commissioner for Innovation, Research, Culture, Education and Youth Mariya Gabriel will be in Le Mans, France, for a series of activities to promote hydrogen and EU actions to support its scale-up and deployment as well as to advance on Europe’s decarbonisation. In the morning Commissioner Gabriel will test a hydrogen-driven car at the Circuit de la Sarthe (Circuit des 24 Heures du Mans) and she will give an opening speech to the H24Mission members. This will be followed by a meeting with high school students working on a hydrogen project. The Commissioner will underline that the transition towards a hydrogen economy concerns all sectors of society and its activities, from industries to transport, buildings and new ways to storage renewable energy. Research and innovation are key to achieving these goals and transform our societies and economies. The clean energy transition is a central part of the Recovery Plan for Europe and the European Green Deal. As set out in the EU Hydrogen Strategy, hydrogen is key to achieve the EU’s decarbonisation targets before 2050. The European Hydrogen Strategy also includes accelerating the development of Hydrogen Valleys across the EU, a local approach based on available renewable energy. EU research and innovation is contributing to the EU Hydrogen Strategy and to the EU’s industrial leadership with a series of actions among which the new Clean Hydrogen Partnership set up under Horizon Europe. It will receive €1 billion for 2021–2027, complemented by another €1 billion from the industry. Horizon Europe also contributes to the hydrogen policy through the European Innovation Council and the European Institute of Innovation and Technology. More information on the role of EU research and innovation investments to deliver on the EU’s Hydrogen Strategy is available here and in a factsheet.